Homo Normo - Jayson Flores

HOMONORMATIVITY – ‘A politics that does not contest dominant heteronormative assumptions and institutions, but upholds and sustains them, while promising the possibility of a demobilized gay constituency and a privatized, depoliticized gay culture anchored in domesticity and consumption’” ( L. Duggan 2003 )

Homo Normo‘ is a blog that explores, exposes and deconstructs forms of homonormativity in our society & media. Though the term was primarily coined and used by Professor Lisa Duggan in 2003, homonormativity has not yet reached the mainstream in terms of issues concerning the LGBT community. The pains of homonormativity are often understood and felt by folks in the LGBT community, but the term itself has not become commonplace. It is perhaps this lack of phrasing and comprehension that feeds into the separation and isolation that results from homonormative values. The goal of this blog is not to force readers to believe that all the presented analysis indicates straight-forwardly-offensive homonormative content. Rather the goal is to stimulate conversation around the topic and products of our society that present or hint at homonormative beliefs and behaviors.

For an in-depth examination of the concept of homonormativity refer to the introductory blog post.

Homo Normo was created by Jayson Flores, a print communications graduate from Arcadia University. On January 28th, 2013, Jayson was published by USA TODAY College for a piece entitled, “Opinion: My Battle with Homonormativity.” This publication sparked his passion for educating audiences both inside and outside of the LGBT community on the harmful trend of homonormativity.


Photo credit for “Male Sign” Logo — Horia Varlan, Flickr Creative Commons


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