Fight Homonormativity

One of the biggest challenges that comes with fighting homonormativity is that people often do not understand its impact and prevalence. Traces of homonormativity can be seen in behavior that people usually do not even know is harmful. Terms like “normal acting” (in reference to a gay person) serve to empower the idea that homonormative gays are the best gays. If people were more aware and educated on homonormativity it could begin a more mainstream movement towards combating these harmful beliefs and ideologies.

By no means would this be an easy process. Changing ideas that are ingrained in a society is something that takes a long time. However, the process has arguably not even begun. The folks that are the most educated on homonormativity are people who study social sciences, queer studies, psychology, etc. It is not a common topic, and Googling homonormativity leads primarily to scholarly articles and old, dead blogs. While scholarly articles are always welcome additions to discussion around a topic, they can often exclude people who are just learning about a topic for the first time. If we want to fight homonormativity we have to fight it together, and that means learning how to teach newcomers.

In January of 2013 I was blessed with the opportunity to write an article for USA Today College. I sent them a pitch with a short outline on the article I proposed writing on homonormativity. They accepted, and after a few interviews, and thorough editing, I sent it in. I wanted to share my work, as I believe it is an understandable article, which could serve as a good introduction to the subject. Click the image below to read my article.

USA Today College Tweet copy



  1. jerbearinsantafe said:

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer News, Views & Memories and commented:
    I agree with Jayson wholeheartedly. While I can usually pass for straight, I actually prefer the company of effeminate men. I have written or reblogged about effeminaphobia which is an aspect of homonormativity. As a long time advocate for transgender individuals I see this as an extension of that fight. Please give the USA Today College Opinion Piece a read.

    • kamautribe said:

      Most are caricatures.

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